The Work Of Artists in Video Game Production

Let’s see how the new game world of our age is shaped.

Video oyunu üretiminde sanatçıların yaptığı çalışmalar - fotoğraf © freepik

Actually, I think games are an art on their own. The video games are presented to us as a result of work that takes months or even years. Amazing works are created by combining visual, textural, physical and mathematical operations. Individuals who have played 15-25 games with story will know the feeling of satisfaction after completing the story. This is because the game is created by a real artist. If we want to talk about the reasons, we need to talk about a few subtopics.


Numerous gamers believe that a good story will make up for the other bad or incomplete aspects of the game. If we think that the story in the game is the screenplay, we need to remember that the screenplay is written by an artist. Of course, this doesn’t cover all the games since not all the games have a story.


If we give an example from a commonly played game, games such as Battlefield 1, Wolfenstein, The New Order which we play a lot are created by the analysis of various artists. The things in the game, colour harmony, physical properties of the character, game map are the work of artists not the software engineer.


It is not hard to understand that everything we see when we play a game are done by a graphic designer or a drawing expert. There is sketcher for every enemy drawing, weapon design and location. If we accept a painting that covers a few inches as an art, we need to accept a universe we spend hours as an art.


I think this is a very important topic which most people cannot miss. The music in the game will have a huge impact on the theme. You need to understand the feeling evoked by that music when you choose the music. If the music is composed by the game company, it is important to compose the song to match the atmosphere of the game.

Although composing quality music is hard, composing a music to match the game has a huge impact on the production process. Hearing the music of a game you have played a long time ago will evoke all those beautiful moments you had when you played that game. For someone who have played games for a long time, I think one of the most important duties of artists in a game is to compose a quality music.

Actually, we will have nothing but a computer code if we remove the artists from the game. I have evaluated the work of the artists under 4 titles but you can be sure that the artists have an impact in a lot of positions.