How Sould the Office Decoration and Architecture Be?

Our architect Batuğ Hayırlığoğlu told us about what should the architecture design and decoration of an office should be.

Ofislerin dekorasyonu ve mimari tasarımı nasıl olmalıdır - fotoğraf © deposit photos

Decorating an office can be more challenging than decorating a home. Because every room in our home has a property. Bedroom, living room, child’s room, main room, kitchen etc. The decoration will be done if you choose suitable furniture for these properties. You might experience a problem when you choose your furniture because there are lots of furniture types. Other than that, you won’t experience any problems.

But things are not like that for office decoration? You have the executive’s room, meeting room, employee offices. You have to decorate each of them for their own properties. The executive room and the meeting room should have different locations.

Executive’s Office

Executive’s office is often positioned to see all the employees and should be decorated with a different architectural style (you can get a support from an architecture). There must be real flowers, the tables and chairs must be industrial and the colours must be warm. The chairs for the guests must not be too comfortable. Because this will cause the guests to relax a lot and the meeting will take longer as the visitors will not want to get up.

Employee’s Office

Exports state that flowers in the offices have positive impacts on work concentration and memory. Therefore, using live flowers are recommended for decoration. Vivid colours, furniture and wallpaper to motivate the employees are important for business efficiency. There must not be too much furniture. Too much furniture will create a crowded look and distract the employees.

Meeting Roomı

For this room, it is important to avoid exaggerated design. The environment must not distract the individuals in the meeting. Because the design of the meeting room might attract more attention than the meeting agenda. Modern lines must be preferred and exaggerated designs should be avoided. The design and colours must relax the individuals in the meeting, create a light environment and do not make them feel sleepy. The illumination should be selected well and it must not make the eyes tired or sleepy.

As a result, the offices should be decorated well and make the employees and executives relax if efficiency is expected. This will increase their performance, have positive impact and create well-being.

Batuğ Hayırlıoğlu – Architect