How Should Ideal Desk Be For Effectiveness At Work?

I have some recommendations for desktop workers to work most efficiently.

İşte verimli olmak için ideal çalışma masası nasıl olmalıdır - fotoğraf © pixabay

What should we consider when the decorate your desks which we need to spend hours as we need to focus on our job? Which perspective should be adopt for decoration? For desk decoration, we should avoid objects that will distract us, have good illumination, have enough space to work and ensures easy organization.

Avoid Distractive Objects on Desk

There should be decorative objects on the desk but these objects shouldn’t be distractive. This way you will prevent messy desk and distraction.

Illumination Should Be Good

Incorrect illumination will cause eye tiredness, sleeping problems, headache and many other problems. Therefore, illumination is important. The light shouldn’t come to the eye directly or the environment shouldn’t be too dark or too light. You can prefer a desk light or a lampshade to decorate your desk. You can position your light source to avoid direct light in your eye or prevent any dark spots on your desk. When you choose a lampshade, be careful about the height to directly illuminate the desk from above.

Leave Enough Space to Work

Framing your desk when you decorate it is not a correct attitude. Desk should be comfortable. You need to set the areas for your tools such as notebook, pens and rulers and you need to make your desk empty by storing everything you need to drawers or racks on the top. Your brain shouldn’t have a messy look on your desk, notice that the environment is spacious and send you “focus and work” command.

Lastly, you need to consider the colour harmony when you decorate your desk. Try to avoid colours that make you feel sleepy or depressed. You need to set colours that will help you to concentrate and focus and choose these colours in decoration.

As a result, there are some important things you need to consider such as illumination, spaciousness, colours, objects when you decorate your desk. These will prevent distraction, get overwhelmed quickly, problems such as headache or eye problems and help you stay dyanmic and energetic when you work.