We have an entrepreneur soul at our heart
and we strictly hold on to the things we believe.

We always focus on development. Therefore, we value all entrepreneurship projects to strengthen us in the competition in our activity fields and we offer various supports.

Our Approach to Entrepreneurship

We are enthusiastic about all the projects that will illuminate the future of the world and our country.

  • Researcher

    We never take a step without researching the process and we look into them in detail. We show the cons and pros and we do the most detailed feasibility work to show the roadmap of the start-up.

  • Target-Focused

    We determine the targets in start-up projects. We focus on the most accurate and effective works in line with these targets. We never diverge from the target to achieve effective results and ensure permanency.

  • Permanent

    Success is not about achieving your targets. Success can be obtained by building a sustainable and permanent structure. We take all the necessary steps for our start-up projects to have permanent and sustainable structure.

We have completed our entire digitalization and corporate identity processes with Artebir.

2nd Generation Business Owner - Nizam Pide & Sütlaç

SUSTAINABILITY We follow science and technology to make our start-ups sustainable.


Entrepreneur spirit and foundation have individual values.

  • Leadership.

    We take personal initiatives to inspire others and we follow the requirements of leadership to motivate the project participants.

  • Efficiency.

    We focus on activities that create value and manage the sources smart and effectively by doing affordable, fast and quality projects.

  • Accuracy.

    We follow the rules, laws and work ethic and act honestly in all our responsibilities against our stakeholders.

  • Flexibility.

    We have a compliant structure with the future and technology trends. We are open-minded, passionate, ready, effective and flexible against all innovations.

  • Responsibility.

    We undertake our responsibilities against all our business partners. We leave a positive impact in all processes and make a positive contribution.

  • Compliance.

    We integrate with all stakeholders to achieve the most efficient results and we work in harmony by focusing on success until the process is completed.

We Aim For Quality

Quality is about doing the right thing when no one is looking. We always hope for the best in service/product quality with a success-oriented management approach to keep the satisfaction of our business partners at the top level. We always work hard to catch the world standard in what we do.

We Follow Our Principles

We have adopted continuity, honest, reliability and reputability as our principles for our entire stakeholders including our partners and customers. We are insistant on undertaking our main tasks by following all our principles.

We have a wide range of customer network addressing to all sectors.

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